The Web Ellis Cup Is In Nepal As The Part Of The World Trophy Tour: See What It Resembles

The Web Ellis Cup arrived in Nepal for the first time as a part of the Rugby World Cup 2019 Trophy Tour and reaches its final destination for 2018. It is the biggest prize of Rugby World Cup. It has arrived Nepal on Thursday. It will be taken to many cities of Nepal and the general public will get a chance to view the same.

In the next few days, the trophy will be taken to Kathmandu and will be displayed in the big Rugby event at Tudikhel Park as well. In the event organized at Tudikhel Park, more than 5000 people will have a chance to see the cup from very near. The Rugby event is being hosted by Japan and there is no time left for the event. It will be held in the year 2019.

Web Ellis Cup
Web Ellis Cup In Himalayas Of Nepal

The Rugby World Cup is to be held in Asia for the first time and it is overwhelming and exciting to view the show. The preparation and showpiece for the first are going on a tremendous pace for it is promised that it will be a unique and special tournament. The trophy was showcased in the Himalayas for keeping the pride same as the mountain carries.

According to World Rugby Chairman, Bill Beaumont, “We couldn’t ask for a more impressive start to the trophy’s first ever visit Nepal than scaling the heights of the Himalayas. The Trophy Tour is now on its final visit of 2018 and there is no doubt it has been a very successful opportunity to engage and excite fans and new players globally over the past year.”

It has been known that the Rugby World Cup will start on September 20 and marks its end November 2 in Japan.