Top 5 Football Players Who Grew Up Poor

Is poverty a sin or a curse? For some who keep complaining about life without the thought of progressing, yes it’s a sin for them. For those who took it as a motivation, its a blessing. Football has been a long route of travel and men and women involving in it has to wander their way on tackling through hindrances and obstacle. The true reward is for those who struggle their life out of blood, sweat and tears to lift their family status and thousands of the fans become happy at their achievements. Let us go through the list of footballers who grew up poor.

1) Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo: Best Player, Forward (2017/18)

People of the whole world take him as an idol being inspired from the struggles and hardships he has gone to be at the present level. It was not till 2013, when he signed for Manchester United, he had ever stepped the  Airplane. The prolific personnel has shared stories of his modest upbringing devoid of toys and Christmas presents, sharing a room with three of his siblings. His talent and ability has given him a lot since teenager, he was good enough to play as a semi-professional on the big ground.

2) Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez, beloved in Montevideo, spent his life in Salto. He was not able to afford for the football boot, but his passion didn’t die, he played barefooted wherever he played. His father was unemployed until he was 7, when they moved to Uruguay capital. Suarez’s family was often unable to provide him with boots to play with, while his father left the family behind when the Barcelona star was twelve.

3) Zlaton Ibrahimovic


Zlaton was brought up and raised in Rosengard, a small district of Malmo, a place widely known for covering up Youngsters than producing brilliant footballers. His father was an alcoholic and his mother was Croatian. They split out when Zlatan was 2 years of age. He was then left to steal what he needed developing his technical skills by playing a brand of the streetball on a makeshift pitch in Rosengard with friends. It was not until 18 did he observe his potential as a footballer and now he is a renounced player.

4) Neymar


Neymar’s mother and father thought that they lost him when he was of age four, he was fully bloodied, in the car accident. He grew up in a cramped room where his grandmother, sister and he grew up facing many hardships. He used his relative’s improvised post and training dummies to excel himself. He was so lucky that Real Madrid took notice of the then 13-year-old, flying him and his father to Spain which became a meteoric rise in his life.

5) Alexis Sanchez


Sanchez’s mother would take up a cleaning job to raise him, “When she was cleaning in the school I hid because I didn’t like to see her there, ” a  has said. Alexis also supported his mother by washing cars to bring in extra income for his family while working his way through the ranks to professional status as a footballer. His father was out of the picture. If you can see they have made it as a footballer, Sanchez claimed that he would likely have ended up working in the local mine.