Watching The Show, Nepal Lokstar, Know More About It.

To what extent do you agree that Nepalese are strongly influenced by Western Culture? From clothing, food to music, to be more lucid, let’s say they are influenced by everything. To avoid such a situation and to get back the sapped interest in Nepali music, Lok Songs, a platform, a singing reality show, has been established which is named Nepali Lokstar. Happy? Yeah! Everyone would be but let’s know its format and functioning well.

Before the competition, there will be an audition in different parts of the country. The candidates performing well are chosen on the basis of the stars given by the judges after hearing the voice. The judges can rate the candidate from 1 to 5 star and out of 20 stars in total by judges, one must get 16 stars on average before getting into the competition and being selected.

But if the performer shows an amazing display of talent and gets 5 stars from each judge, he/she directly enters in top 20.

The judges on Nepal Lokstar 2076 are Jayananda Lama, B.B Anuragi, Ramji Khand and Sunita Dulal. They are all the players and prayers of the music who can manipulate music in any way they can and make sure to amaze listeners too. The host for the Nepal Lok Star 2076 are Subekchya Khadkha and Ashok Dhital.

Look at the amazing prize distribution for the winner:

First Prize: 50 Lakhs
Second Prize: 25 Lakhs
Third Prize: 10 Lakhs 
Another 2 contestants will also get a consolation prize.

Currently, an audition is going in a strong way and the candidates are being chosen by the judges as per the requirement of the show and finess of the voice. Nepal Lokstar is the first reality show in Nepal that has been established for the promotion of the Lok Bhaka in Nepal.