Will Neymar Make His Way To The Former Club Barcelona?

At this time, a report from the Barcelona Club with the Brazilian Federation, Neymar, has been a consensus agreement for the past five years, leaving the French club back to Barcelona. Brazil ‘s communications institution’ Sport ‘has published news that Barcelona and Neymar have already started making a 5-year agreement.


So, the media quoted near the source for Neymar, Barcelona’s president Josep Maria Barto Moule has verbally agreed to return to Barcelona.

Neymar was sold from Barcelona in 2017 for 222 million euros. However, after not finding great success in the PSGs, the player has reached the muddy club, as by his behaviour and sap in energy reveals his inner story.

Neymar, who was in Brazil, recently reported that he had sent a message to the Pentagon that he would not return to France again. After that, a number of people who came to Nimimar have returned to Barcelona.

Captain Leo- Messi has been playing a special role in returning of a former player to Barcelona. There is a very good relationship between Neymar, who has made a good connection with Messi and Luis Suarez while being in Barcelona.

But, will that be a potential transfer for the club. This is of no doubt for Neymar is the world class player, nevertheless, PSG and Barcelona are greatest rivals and they have greatest rivalry since time immoral. Though the club Barcelona has confirmed agreement for Neymar, it is very sturdy task for getting it accepted by PSG. Even if PSG agrees the deal, the transfer will be very much expensive.

As per sources, he is not happy at the club PSG and he also wants the transfer to happen. Let’s see what happens further between these two great teams and how will the deal end. This is now a complete mystery.

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