Will The Legacy of El-Classico Remain The Same With The Best Player, Messi, Off The Field?

Barcelona has been standing on top of the table this season and has played 9 games till now. On the last game against Sevilla Messi has broken his right arms. The Argentine was left wrenching in the anguish of the incident after the collision with Franco Vazquez. He collided at the first half and left the field at the 26th minute, even after leaving the field he was left in obvious discomfort. Vazquez cannot be blamed for the injury as the Sevilla man competed fairly for the ball, but Messi’s full body weight landed on his right arm.

Messi On Bench

The Barcelona caption gave the team 2-0 lead after scoring the sublime goal. Despite the injury, Barcelona managed to win the game with Sevilla and maintain their position at the top.

Messi With His Son

After the medical test, it was confirmed that the 31-year-old Barcelona star suffered a “fracture of the radial bone in his right arm” and is to miss the Champions League tie against Inter Milan in midweek and the El-Classico with next Sunday. Lionel Messi though injured his love for his family and the Team Barcelona never dies.


After the game, Messi posted a gratifying message on Instagram addressing Barcelona and Thiago sitting on a step.

“How nice to live and enjoy it with you!” he said. “Congratulations to the group for this great victory.”

Messi, a short player having better stability, better dribbling. The player born with beautiful feet, skills will miss Champions League and El-Classico. When he plays the ball, his passing accuracy, dribbling, shots can never be compared with anyone else. Now the question is will the legacy of El-Classico Remain the same after the unprecedented incident? Will the team manage to win? And will they maintain the supremacy to be at the top of the table?