Will the legacy of the El Classico remain the same?

El Classico
Ronaldo joined Juventus: Will the legacy of the El Classico remain the same?

The football for this era has dramatically ended.

The world cup has taken a tremendous craze performance of the individual players leading to transfer to biggest clubs. Young players are being signed to biggest clubs for their tenure and aged players being assigned to a club a little in rank than previous one. Such is the story of one of the proficient and best players in the world “Cristiano Ronaldo”. He has been transferred to Juventus football club for worth €100 million.

Now, will the match between the stupendous rivals of Spain, Real Madrid and Barcelona remain the same after the transfer? The match was not a quotidian one. El Classico was considered a game between two best players in the world Ronaldo and Messi rather than between a team. Of course, now the legacy of the El Classico will not remain the same. This enmity between the two clubs is considered the biggest games in the world. These two clubs are the most successful and wealthiest clubs amongst all.

El Classico is either played in Camp Nou (Barcelona) or Santiago Bernabeu( Real Madrid). The total meetings between the rivals reached 237 to date. Manolo Sanchis has made 43 appearances in El Classico being the most time appeared player. Lionel Messi, the best player of an era, has reached 26 goals, the top scorer of the El Clasico. Not only this, he has been the one to deliver most assists too.  Ronaldo has 18 goals and one assist. Messi has come second regarding trophies and individual awards than Ronaldo in the preceding year, but Messi remains the emperor of the El Clasico.

This is what happens in football and is universal too. Every player comes and shows his effort, does something to earn fame, devotes a lot to the club and teammates. As the time passes, he becomes old and leaves unfathomable sadness and retires from football. The new player comes and does the same.

So, in consideration of those two players, El Classico is of no craze now, however, to see the other individuals and new youth, their craze, passion, spirit and ego never lets down El Classico fall down its importance and legacy. And here comes the biggest question in the world football, will the legacy of El Classico remain the same?

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