IOE Pulchowk Entrance App

A major difficulty faced by students is finding the right material required to get proper preparation for IOE Entrance Examination. Most of the students struggle in finding good and reliable study materials which consumes most of their precious time.
With an intend to solve this and provide quality material to every student preparing, Intopros Technologies have developed an e-learning app with the name IOE Preparation App.


It is an android application developed which aims to help students prepare their best by providing the essential materials required for IOE entrance examination. This application is developed with keeping in mind the importance of both learning and testing the learned skills. The app is packed with ample resources in form of notes, videos, practice sets that enable students to learn. It also has regular competitive exams where students can participate and test what they have learned.


  • Learning Module
    Start with the fundamentals. Learn through notes and videos. Attempt questions at the end of each topic and view answers with explanation.
  • Subject Videos
    Learn the concepts through audio visual content. Browse through ample study material referenced from various sources under single app.
  • Practice Sets
    Hone your skills with subject wise practice sets. The more you attempt questions correctly, the more sets unlocks. Because practice is the key to success.
  • Competitive Exams
    Test your skills and compare your progress over the weeks. With a set of 100 questions published each week, compete with yourself, or with your friends.
  • Leaderboard
    Compare your scores with fellow students and see where you rank. View your position over the weeks among other preparing students.
  • Discussion Forum
    Study together, be a questioner or a problem solver. Ask a question, or answer other student’s queries.

The app has both free and premium features. You can register on the app with Facebook, Google or Email. Under free subscription, a user can access subject wise practice sets, watch videos and view or post on the discussion forum. With a premium membership, the users can unlock competitive exams and the entire learning module which consists of topic wise notes, videos and questions.

IOE Pulchowk Entrance APP

You can download the app from Google Play Store, here:

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