How Much ‘A Law of 21st Century’ Will Help Children Socialize and Overcome The Use of Excess Technology?



How Much A Law of 21st Century Will Help Children Socialize and Overcome The Use of Excess Technology?

The French government has come up with the law, ‘A Law of 21st Century’, that all children under 15 are banned to use their mobile phone while in school. According to the reports, French students returning from summer vacation will no longer be able to use their mobile phones during the school days. Earlier due to excessive use of mobile phones it was banned during the day (meal and lunch times), however, the engagement of individuals increased and with the fear that students are becoming too dependent and distracted by the smartphones.

What do you think how much the move will help? This step taken by the government may somewhat be the effective one. To some extent, it is a true step that it reduces the involvement of the children smartphones and distractions will be minimized, however, are the children found only at school so that this would find it’s complete implementation and involve children in the activities of social and cultural values after then.

Coming to the ill effects of the smartphones and technology in the 21st century, it has driven crazy from a child of 1 year age. This can be addressed as wrong parenting as well; whether be it the time of feeding the child to the time whenever he/she cries, irritates and troubles, the ultimate solution will be the smartphones to make them quiet. The negativities caused by this move is not simple. One of the most difference for a child living in today’s generation is they donot exercise, they are found to rely on technology like smartphones, computers, smartphones and television which discourages them to live free outside the home.

A Family All Busy Over Phone and Laptop

Technology changes the way the children socialize and interact, most of the children who are found to engage more online are found to have less ability to focus than the other kids.

This doesn’t implies, all the technology has ill effects on it’s use. Technologies provide a lot of positive platforms for learning, entertaining and socializing manners too but the use should be restricted to certain limits and parents should continuously monitor their child.