According the latest report published by world bank, Nepal is at the third position in the world’s fastest growing economies with the projected growth rate of 7.5% in 2017. With the rapid development and growth in the economy, the usual trends are also changing day by day in their daily life.

Mobile in Himalyas

One of the major turnaround we can see is the mobile phone users in Nepal. The breakthrough in technology has remolded the lifestyle of Nepalese. The 2011 Census National Report identified that 64.63% of households have access to a mobile phone across Nepal with 84.07% of Urban and 59.98% of Rural households having mobile phone access which means that more people have access to mobile phones than the toilets.

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According to the Management Information System (MIS) report of Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) in 2016, now the number of mobile subscriptions has outnumbered Nepal’s total population. With a single person subscribing to more than one service, the mobile service penetration rate has hit 105.15 percent of the population. With a huge rise in the number of mobile phone users, the internet penetration rate has also increased to 44.89 percent of the total population as of mid-October 2015 according to NTA. 90% of the total population who have access to the internet have their Facebook account.

women using mobile

The incredible growth in the mobile phone users of Nepal is also directly and indirectly relatable with the increase in remittance from the abroad. We can see that at least one person from a house is at abroad to earn their living. So, the cellphones have been like a necessity as a regular means of communication with their near ones too. The evolution in the mobile phone users and markets have definitely revamped the daily life of Nepalese.

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