We Never Knew Tesla Can Actually Dance Until Elon Musk Said It On The Joe Rogan Podcast


Whenever we watch science fiction, the child inside us always wished it came true! Whether it’s the super-cool gadgets, flying hovercrafts or the idea of living in space, future always seemed more interesting. Maybe we already are living in the futuristic world we dreamed of as kids. For instance, who would have thought locomotives would have any other purpose besides transportation. Apparently, the latest model of Tesla, Tesla X dances! Yes, you read that right! It literally dances.

Before when the car doors popped open it seemed like the coolest automobile engineering achievement. But technology never fails to amaze! Doors popping open and flapping around like wings is just one part of the amazing display. Tesla X has specially designed headlights that flash on and off synchronized with a funky music. It’s like watching the live action version of Disney’s animated movie CARS. Only difference is that it is real and much cooler.

“You should see what Tesla can do!” Elon Musk very fondly spoke of his wonder design in his podcast with Joe Rogan. The Model X was programmed to be the most fun thing Tesla has ever designed for its customers. Sure, it’s not solving the issues around the world but it sure makes us feel blessed to be alive in such an era when technology and engineering can make almost any imagination into reality.

Automobile engineers and designers took luxury to a whole new level with this one. It’s a marvel both in extravagance and technology. Our part of the world has cars whose owners still struggle with the keys and our neighbors to the west groove along with their fancy cars. Before you run down to showroom with all your life’s savings, Tesla X would make millionaires cringe about their budgets. Of course owning this state of the art car costs a fortune. The average cost of this marvelous piece of technology is between $75,000 to a staggering $144,000. Possibly the most amazing of SUVs ever designed till date, Tesla X has gotten great reviews overall. Well, who wouldn’t love a car that even Batman would be jealous of!

Watch the wonder car in action here.