Black Day In The History of Nepal: 7 Dead In A Helicopter Crash

The recent news about the helicopter crash in Taplegunj has taken the breath of all Nepalese in and outside the nation. The heart-wrenching incident took place due to the bad weather. It was reported that there was heavy snowfall and the pilot was unable to make his way, fell down in the hill and stumbled in a rock: There were huge blasting sound and an enormous fire in the place as reported by the native residing near the area.

The natives of the area than reported it to the local area police. According to sources there were on the board: Minister Rabindra Adhikari, The Pilot of the helicopter Captain Prabhakar KC, Tourism Entrepreneur Ang Tshering Sherpa, Security Personnel Arjun Ghimire, Under-Secretary at the Prime Minister’s office Yubaraj Dahal, Deputy Director General of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) Birendra Shrestha, and CAAN Engineer Dhruba Das Bhochhibhaya.

This image shows the helicopter that crashed in Chuhandanda area near Pathivara Templke in Taplejung district, on Wednesday, February 27, 2019. Image: Google Maps customisation/THT

All the seven (six travellers and one pilot) have been affirmed dead in the Air Dynasty helicopter crash at 1:30 pm today at Sisne Khola zone of Pathibhara, Taplejung. Nepal Police has discovered every one of the seven bodies at the mishap site. Just the body of Rabindra Adhikari and his assistant Yuavaraj Dahal are in a recognizable state.

It has been known that the tourism minister, along with other officials, had visited Pathibhara Temple after attending a programme at Chuhan Danda in Tehrathum to observe the under-construction airport. The helicopter crashed right after they had taken off again from the temple.

According to Air Officials, the last voice of the pilot was heard as,” I cannot fly now it is all covered with snow and fog,”.

Minister Rabindra Adhikari

The devastating and heartbreaking incident left all the Nepalese in deep melancholy and so another black day in the history added. May those almighty rest in peace, heart full condolence to the family members and relatives. The country has lost the most valuable ornament. The cabinet meeting came out with a decision and declared a public holiday tomorrow for the mourning of the dead souls.