The Voice Of Nepal Got It’s Winner: Congratulate The Winner 

CD Vijay Adhikari finally tackled all the hurdles and thrones in a way and culminated to the top: He became the winner of ‘The Voice Of Nepal’ and he deserved it. The country has got its first voice idol filtered through thousands of mass. CD Vijay Adhikari is from Team Deep Shrestha, congratulations to both.

The Voice of Nepal

The Voice of Nepal’s finale held in Qatar, Doha went absolutely amazing and it was broadcasted live from youtube too. The most loved and country’s Jodi with zero haters were the invites of the show and they and made the show very engaged: They are none other than Dhurmus( Sitaram Kattel) and Suntali(Kunjana Ghimire). The result was announced by Suntali.

The Voice Of Nepal

The winner was awarded 25 lakhs cash prize, a brand new car and album contract and music video contract of 20 lakh and opportunity of a world tour. Of course, he was blessed to have all these opportunities hug himself in this short span of time. Organizers claim that its most expensive show of all the channels in Nepal.

This show got in the air in just a season, the backbone of the show succeeded to the level they have not expected it to be. Talking about the coaches they are highly venerated in their position and genre. They groomed, polished, wiped and made the contestants
ready for any kind of show and stage performance.

Congratulations to all the participants who learned and moreover found their potential in a very short time. Though there is only one winner as per format, every of the contestant who realized themselves and explored through all the beats of music was a winner. Season 1 has just marked the end and we all are desperate for season 2 for how amazing singers will Nepal get for the upcoming year.